A Photo-op for our readers

If you would like to contribute photos to this blog, please write to the editor at
s h e a r e r g e n  AT  l i v e  dot  c o m.

We would be happy to receive photos of descendants of James William Shearer and Nancy Allen, of Ebenezer Fain and Mary Mercer, Richard Mason and Mary Ann Fain, or of related families  Quinn, Kilpatrick, Butt, Queen.   Information posted would be whatever is supplied by you.  Our policy is that no living persons will be posted, and no identification that could possibly invade privacy would be included.

Thanks for any additional contributions to the pictures on this site.


3 Responses to “A Photo-op for our readers”

  1. m. e. truax Says:

    Interesting site. I, and many others, are descended from Nancy M. Shearer Truitt. According to those who lived closest to her in later life, Nancy died 1865 in Franklin Co., Texas where she was living with her second husband, John Rabine, a German immigrant, and their two sons, Henry and Spencer Marion. Near her lived a couple of her brothers and their families. At least one brother, Spencer, has a marked grave. Also living nearby were two of her grown daughters, including Susannah Elizabeth Truitt Connally. Her photo is posted on Ancestry. The Dufner Family (Wayne and Barbara) have posted photos of Nancy’s son with Isaac Truitt, Perminter Morgan Truitt. In his pension papers, P.M. Truitt mentions Nancy’s family bible. If anyone has information about it, I’d love to hear back. Thanks.

  2. Constance Says:

    Could you please email me as
    from where was the top
    photo taken?

  3. shearerblog Editor Says:

    Not sure which photo you mean, but the description below most of them would tell you the location.

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