Where did Shearer families live?

Distribution of Shearer families in England and Scotland.

Locations of largest population of Shearer families in Scotland. Scotland’s borders were porous, and contested until the 17th century.
Some Shearer families settled in counties that are now part of England.

6 Responses to “Where did Shearer families live?”

  1. Dale Shearer Says:

    I am continuing to search for my Shearer ancesters. My Great Grandfather is “Robert Augustus Shearer” born in westmorland, pa. Feb 7, 1843. He is a Civil War Veteran. His Father was named John Shearer and his father was Robert Shearer. I have very little information beyond robert Augustus Shearer. Do any of these names tie into your line? I keep running into dead ends. Any info would be helpful.


  2. The Editor Says:

    Check your email. I sent you some information.
    —- The Editor, ShearerBlog

  3. Lester shearer Says:

    My name is Shearer the shearer’s in my family are George shearer 1846- 1926 ,George shearer 1801- 1878 , john shearer 1759 -1835 .I have more on middle names and there wives . I would like to know if my blood line came from Scotland.

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