Some Genealogy Charts for Shearer and Related Families

Below are sub-pages containing genealogy charts for some related families.

Descendants of James William Shearer and Nancy Allen (detailed list).

Descendants of James William Shearer, Children of Mary Catherine Shearer+ William Preston West.


47 Responses to “Some Genealogy Charts for Shearer and Related Families”

  1. Cynthia Kirkley Says:

    I descend from James William Shearer, Jesse W. Shearer, John Wesley Shearer (married Susan Rebekah Shields), Melissa Shearer (b. 1858 NC, married William N. Burger, Charles W. Burger b. 1897 NC married Gladys Louise Northrup, Jeanette M. Burger b. 1928 CA, married James E. Kirkley (my Dad). My research is on (Kirkley Tree). jmkirkley38

  2. Joy Shearer Fulgham Says:

    I am desended from the Shearer’s of Indiana Co. Pa. Saltzburg. We have traced ourselves back to a George Shearer and Sara (Buckhouse) right after the Revolution. I have been intrigued with genealogy since middle school. I asked my father what nation ality we were and he was careful to say Scots/Irish. Well not really knowing what that meant I assumed that we were both Scottish and Irish. More recently I became aware that Scots/Irish meant Scottish Heritage that imigrated by way of the Ulster Plantation mid 15th century through late 16th century. Scottish Protestant boarderers we “encourged” to travel to Northern Ireland 1.) in an attempt clear the boarder regions of reveiers and 2). to change the political structure of Ireland away from Catholic influence. The axis of power went back and forth over the years and many of the Scots Protestants fled to the colonies with out. What I know of my family this senario totally fits however I am stuck unable find info on the Ulster Plantation.

    • Joy Shearer Fulgham Says:

      Left Ireland without intermarrying with the Irish.

    • shearerblog Says:

      Ulster Plantation was in the north of Ireland, the most Gaelic part of the country in the 16th century, lightly populated and possessing few permanent settlements. English Anglican and Scottish Presbyterian settlers came to “plant” lands owned by wealthy landowners in the late 1500s and early 1600s. You can get some good information on Ulster Plantation from the BBC:
      Scots-Irish is not in some ways a very meaningful term, since those colonial settlers with this tag were Scottish Protestants who had lived in Ireland for a few generations but had never intermarried with the Irish. If you check out a good history of Celts or of Scotland, however, you may discover than many centuries earlier it was the Celts of Ireland who emigrated northeast and settled Scotland.
      —The Editor

  3. Stacey Says:

    I am a decendent of Robert Shearer (born around 1802 in PA) married to I beleive Mary Ann Mundel (also born in PA). Their children were Andrew, Franklin and James. I know that Andrew was born in 1838 in Brooke County, WV. Andrew is my 3rd ggf. I don’t live to far from Indiana County, PA, Joy. My grandfather told me he believes us to still have Shearer family in PA, but we know very little about the Shearer side of the family. I have not been able to go any further then Robert Shearer. Any information and help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Joy Shearer Fulgham Says:

      Hey Stacey,
      I looked back on my shear line and found no Robert shearer at all I did not find an Andrew either. My earliest Shearer was George born est 1771 I have Ulster Ireland but there has been some rumor that he came from Virginia. his male children were George n/a, James b. 3 Mar 1797, Daniel b.11 Aug. 1800. Daniel is my line.
      Sounds like they would be cousins if anything but we cannot find anything earlier..

  4. Stacey Says:

    Thank you. I am not sure why I can’t find any information. I beleive they lived in Wellsburg, WV. I need to go there and do some reserach.

  5. Mel Says:

    Hi, I am a descendant of Anthony Shearer b c1787-97(census in 1841 puts him c1797, death record 1787), died in Leeds Yorkshire UK 1848. Have no info on where he is from, but I think he married Sarah Robinson in Leeds 1811. iN 1841, Anthony was on the census at St Johns Hackney, Middlesex. Children were; John Shearer, born c1826 in Middlesex, Maria Margaret Shearer, born c1826 in Middlesex, Richard Shearer, born c1826 in Middlesex, James Shearer, born c1827 in Middlesex, George Shearer, born 1831 in Middlesex, William Henry Shearer, born 1835 in Kingsland Middx and Mary Ann Shearer, born 1837 in Hackney Middlesex. There is no mother listed at the address.

    I am wondering if you have any idea/info where Anthony may fit / be from, as this is an area that has us UK researchers totally stumped! Any help would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks, Mel

    • shearerblog Says:

      If you would like to submit a genealogy chart for this web site, please send another comment and I’ll give you instructions on how to submit it. That would be helpful for anyone with information on the ancestor you mention in your question.

  6. melanie Says:

    hi stacey, i found a robert shearer married to mary ann allen….they had a daughter named jessie ann shearer born 1862, died in 1919 if this helps

  7. Philip Tenney Says:

    Did James and Jennet have any daughters? I have an ancestor, Josiah Tenney, who married a Mary Shearer, in Palmer, Mass. in 1759. She must have been a relation, but I am not sure how she fits in to your genealogy.

    • shearerblog Says:

      James Shearer was born in County Antrim, 1678. He divided his Massachusetts property among his male children (John, James, William, all born in Ireland). Jennet, born c. 1686 in Derry, Ireland. She died 7 Jul 1759, age 73. If Mary Shearer was 20 years old in 1759, Jennet would have been age 53 when she was born. So you can entertain a couple theories. One is that Mary Shearer was a grand daughter of James and Jennet. Another is that she was a daughter who married rather late (for the 18th century) and was born to a somewhat elderly mother. A third idea is that she might have been a Shearer widow and that Josiah Tenney was her 2nd husband.
      Do you have any more details you’d like to share?

      As to how she fits into the genealogy, some researchers believe that James was the son of “N. Shearer,” and that his son James is the ancestor of Richard Shearer, born around 1744 in Virginia. Documents to support this theory have been alleged but not shared with the public, insofar as I know. If true, it would mean that James Shearer of Palmer or his son moved from New England to Virginia. Not impossible, but Virginia was culturally quite different from Massachusetts and not as welcoming to Scot Presbyterians as other colonies. So the theory has some problems.
      – The Editor

  8. John Dylan Shearer Says:

    I am a direct descendant of Patrick Shearer (James’ Shearers grandson) who moved to Virginia and lived the rest of his life there. His son moved to central Kentucky where tht branch of the family still lives to this day. If I remember correctly I am the 5th John on a row. Found that to be an interesting tradition

    • shearerblog Says:

      Great to hear from you!

      What can you tell us about Patrick Shearer? And do you have any genealogy charts you’d care to share with the rest of us, especially anything from Patrick on backwards to his grandfather? You may have brought us the Missing Link.

      Please let me know.

      Many thanks.

      Shearer Genealogy Notes Editor


  9. John Dylan Shearer Says:

    I would love to share what I have. When I get home to my computer Ill look at the notes that I have.

  10. John Dylan Shearer Says:

    my research of my ancestry has led me to the first Shearer immigrant (James Shearer born born in County Antrim, 1678). I am a descendant of his son James Patrick Shearer born in 1711 in county Armagh, Ireland. My lineage continues with James’ son Patrick Shearer whom you were asking about. He was born Sep 14 1741 in stafford county VA and died in 1794 in Mercer county Kentucky. We still live in that area to this very day. Tax records show he was employed as a farmer and owned 59 acres in Garrad county. My father John also once owned land there. I wouild like to get my tree together and submit it if I can find out how

    • shearerblog Says:

      This is excellent, and it makes the connection with other information (unsupported) that I’d gotten from other Shearers. If you want to send me a list or a chart or whatever, I’ll edit it and let you see it, and then we can publish it on the site. In the meantime, if you want, you could post another comment on the web site (or I can do it for you) including what you’ve written to me below.

      Thanks again. Shearer Genealogy Notes Editor


  11. John Dylan Shearer Says:

    You are more than welcome to repost anything I write. I also wonder if anyone here has come across a “Sherrow” family. They are related and the name started with a misspelling. The first I found was James Sherrow born in 1833 I’m Mercer co Ky. His father was William Shearer born in 1775 in Campbell, Va

    • shearerblog Says:

      Yes, actually I have. Sherrow is a variant spelling of Shearer, and there’s a guy named (I think) Ron Sherrow who thinks he descended from Patrick Shearer, and I think that’s the Patrick who was born in VA in the 1740s. I’d have to look around to find more info on that.


      • John Dylan Shearer Says:

        The Sherrows do descend from Patrick Shearer, I have a pretty detailed family tree on which provides that information. I’d be happy to share it if I knew the best way to do that

      • shearerblog Says:

        What is the format of your family tree? Can you send me a Legacy file, or a graphic file, or a chart? I don’t have at the moment a membership in Ancestry, so I can’t recall how you get information into/ out of that database. But there’s gotta be a way.


      • shearerblog Says:

        You have really piqued my interest. How do you know that Patrick is the son of James, and how did James get to Virginia?


  12. Drew Shuptar Rayvis Says:

    Hey their , My name is Drew Shuptar- Rayvis and i have been doing Genealogy and have have found my 2nd great grandmother was of the Hager family of Nockamixon and Tinicum Townships in Bucks County PA . My second great grandmother Emma Hagers mother was Mary Cecilia Wolfinger , Her grandfather was John Wolfinger born in Bucks Penn born in 1799 and died in 1867 he married a MARY SHEARER , does anybody know who this is ? , all i have been able to find is that she was born in 1798 in Pennsylvania , any help would be greatly appreciated thank you 🙂

  13. shearerblog Says:

    Shearers are not necessarily related, as it was an occupational name in Scotland. Also there are German Shearers in Pennsylvania. Your other names Hager and Wolfinger are also German, so you probably should be looking into Pennsylvania Dutch sources.
    — The Editor

    • Drew Shuptar Rayvis Says:

      yes the Hagers and Wolfingers are germans , they came here in the 1720s and 1740s , and huh interesting it sounded so german i would never have guessed it to be german but figures since the rest were all german. do you know any good sources to look for Mary or any good PA Dutch sources , thank you

  14. John Dylan Shearer Says:

    I posted here many months ago and forgot to follow up, I apologize. I’m wondering if there is a way to post pictures here. I’m trying to show my relation to James Shearer, I’m a decendant of his grandson Patrick Shearer. He moved to Ky and my family remains here today. We are related to the New York Shearers that I’ve seen mentioned here

  15. Janna Carter Says:

    I am researching the ancestors of FOUR Shearer siblings (listed below) whose descendants are known to carry the CAPN5 gene known to cause a rare but powerful disease called ADNIV (Autosomal Dominant Neovascular Inflammatory Vitreoretinopathy) that eventually leads to blindness. My dear friend, Jerry Jackson, has ADNIV.

    It is possible that the 4 siblings descend from:
    John Shearer (Birth: 26 February 1815 in Coshocton, Ohio, US. Death: 21 January 1896 in Plymouth, Iowa, US)
    Mary Ann Walters (Birth: 1812 in Guernsey County, Ohio, US. Death: 10 April 1858 Iowa)

    I hope to find other “branches” of this family tree, so that I can connect family members in this family who suffer from the disease, as well as other unrelated families who also carry ADNIV.

    ADNIV is a combination of several eye diseases that occur simultaneously over time, and always results blindness. It often initially presents as Retinitis Pigmentosis, and often cataracts can be the beginning. Many times, one eye degenerates first or at a more rapid rate than the other.

    PLEASE let me know if you have ANY information that might be helpful.

    1) Nicolas Shearer
    Birth: 29 Mar 1831 in Guernsey, Ohio, USA.
    Death: 20 Oct 1899 in Mercer, Mercer, Illinois, United States

    2) Rachael Lavina Shearer
    Birth: 1846 in Jefferson, Indiana, United States
    Death: 30 Dec 1882

    3) Martha M. Shearer
    Birth: 12 APR 1847 in Indiana
    Death: 1921 in Peru, Madison County, Iowa, USA

    4) Noah Reasoner Shearer
    Birth: 10 Dec 1852 in Indiana, United States
    Death: 11 Aug 1930 in St. Charles Town, Madison, Iowa

    Other POSSIBLE siblings include:

    • James Shearer
    Birth: abt 1830 in Guernsey, Ohio, USA
    Death: 15 Jan 1863 in Rolla, Phelps, Missouri, United States
    (born prior to Nicolas)

    • Jeremiah Shearer
    Birth: Jan 1833 in Guernsey County, Ohio, USA
    Death: 1914 in Madison County, Iowa, USA
    (born after Nicolas & prior to Rachael)

    • Francis Marion Shearer
    Birth: 1835 in Guernsey County, Ohio, USA
    Death: 7 Mar 1863 in Ft. Donelson, TN
    (born after Nicolas & prior to Rachael)

    • Lucinda Shearer
    Birth 03 Jan 1842 in Ohio
    Death 02 Mar 1911 in Lorimor, Union, Iowa
    (born after Nicolas & prior to Rachael)

    • John M Shearer
    Birth 22 Mar 1849 in Grant, Indiana, United States,
    Death 15 May 1903 in Chadron, Dawes, Nebraska, United States
    (born after Martha & prior to Noah)

    • Melissa M Shearer
    Birth 20 Aug 1850 in Terre Haute, Vigo County, Indiana
    Death 17 Mar 1936 in Chadron, Nebraska, USA
    (born after Martha & prior to Noah)

  16. Editor Says:

    Editor’s Reply:
    Researchers please note:
    (1) Some Shearers are descendants of German Shearers (various spelling, including initial SCH). It is not clear from the comment by Ms. Carter whether the listed persons are of German or Scottish ancestry. Persons concerned about the genetic factor mentioned in that post might want to know whether these people’s ancestors came from Germany. Many German Shearers settled in Pennsylvania.
    (2) Otherwise, Shearer is primarily a Scottish name, but it is an occupational name, not a family name. Shearers may or may not be linked ancestrally, so other family groups with the surname Shearer would not necessarily be receptors of the CAPN5 gene.
    (3) It is likely that many American Shearers emigrated from Ireland. This category of person is sometimes called Scots-Irish. Scots-Irish, however, are actually not Irish. They were Scots who left Scotland for economic reasons or were encouraged by the British government to move to Ireland. They moved mostly into Ulster, retained their Protestant religions and cultural traditions, and intermarried among themselves, not among the Irish, for the most part. So when they came to America they were still Scottish. Of course, all Celtic groups (Irish, Scots, Cornish, Welsh, etc.) descended from a group of people — Celts — who moved westward from Europe many centuries earlier.

    Editor, Shearer Blog

    • James R. Soto-Jackson-Shearer Says:

      dear editor…Ms Carter has mentioned the Shearer family with ADNIV desendants of John
      Shearer an Mary Ann Walters… according to family oral history we were of Scots/Irish ancestry on the Shearer side of our family who setteled in Ohio then migrated to Illinois and Iowa…does that help with the research..?

  17. Stacey James (Shearer) Says:

    Doubt it is a help, but there are several Shearer’s in Lycoming County, Pennsylvania.(Williamsport, Muncy, Montoursville area) Joanne Hill married Roy Shearer who was a descendant (grandson i believe) of Sterling

    • David Shearer Says:

      I am a direct descendant of Jeremiah Shearer in the Williamsport area there are Shearers there but have not been able to connect, Fran Highlands is my cousin David Shearer

  18. John Shearer Says:

    These may be my distant relatives, but I only know of my Shearers in Ky at that time. Sorry, I wish you luck in your search

  19. Sir John Shearer kt Says:

    Not sure if you all are aware of this or not but, there is a Shearer family DNA project. There are 71 members. We have several lines represented also.

  20. Sandra. Says:

    Sandra e Sheared daughter of Robert c Shearer born 1930 and Irene (nee Swaffield) northern Ireland .
    Grand parents James and Mary Davis (nee Carlisle) parents to 10 children 5 boys Alex, Jimmy, Bobby(my dad), Gerald, Willie 5 girls Mary, Elizabeth (died as a child) ,Margaret, Isabel and Maureen.
    Uncle Alex moved to America and I believe he married again after getting divorced he lived in Detroit . He was the eldest being born around 1926. Just wondering if anyone may know of him or his children (my cousins)

  21. Frank R. Shearer Says:

    I am a descendant of Albert Shearer who was born in 1825 in Kentucky. He was married to Narcissa Blount of Virginia.
    He lived much of his life in Madison, Owsley, and Lee county. He is mentioned along with his family in the US Census in 1850-1880. He died in Lee County in 1898. In the censuses he says his mother and father were born in Kentucky but I have not been able to make a absolute connection with his parents which there is much evidence to believe they were James Shearer and Mary Rhodus although by name I have not made the connection and he is not listed in James’ obituary. There were many Shearer families (most related) in the counties of Garrard, Madison, and Lee counties from 1800 to 1900 and present.

  22. Isobel Says:

    I don’t usually respond to things I read about others, but I too have the Shearer connection. A relative of mine on my mothers side (Shearer) of the family has composed a family tree. It goes back quite far. The earliest he has recorded is composed in a family book he gave me titled:
    The Family and Decendants of Archibald Shearer of Mossbank, Ayrshire, Scotland, Born 1720.

    Archibald’s wife …. Ann Wilson

    The children of Archibald Shearer II and Ann Wilson
    1. Archibald III Immigrated to Canada
    2. Andrew ” ”
    3. Gavin ” ” in 1842
    4. Mathew ” ”
    5. Alexander ” ”
    6. Helen (Davidson) ” 1842
    7. Janet (Yatts)
    8. Angus ” ”
    9. James Immigrated to U.S.A. 1870 Marshall County, Kansas
    10. Christina remained in Scotland
    11. Peggy remained in Scotland
    12. Ann remained in Scotland
    13. William remained in Scotland
    14. Sandy remained in Scotland
    15. ???
    15. ???

    I hope this is of interest to you. Perhaps the James you have been communicating about is #9.


  23. Vicky siler (born King) Says:

    I am looking for information about my relative Elizabeth Marian Jacobs (born Shearer) in Massachusetts. She was married to Edward Jacobs, who came from

    BIRTH 11 JUN 1894 • Massachusetts
    DEATH FEB 1981 • Rawson, Hancock, Ohio, USA

    Any help would be grateful. I hit a road block.


  24. Susan Jaquith Says:

    I am a descendant of John A and Mary Ann Shearer of Duncannon, Perry Co, PA. At some point, the family moved to Washington DC. Some of their children were Joseph, Langhorn Wister Shearer, Sallie Wister Shearer, Bertha. I descend from Langhorn Wister Shearer – would love more info about this line. Thanks!

  25. Devin Rice Says:

    my grandfather was preston john shearer.. we never met and I have zero information on his parents.. preston was born on sept. 7 1922 and was married to bonnie ague at one point. I would love any information since that side of my family has always been a mystery

    • Susan Says:

      Was your grandfather’/ family from Duncannon, PA, or Washington, DC?

      • Devin K Siple Says:

        So far the only info i have on him is he was from ohio, born in 1922 died 1986 and remarried i believe a mary and had 2 or 3 daughters.. I believe he was preston john jr so i assume his father was preston john from franklin pennsylvania. Unfortunately im not sure on anything as far as my great grandfather cause im not finding a link between jr and sr so far. I would love any information especially since this is my grandfather.

      • Susan Says:

        Sorry, Devin, I don’t have any info on your line

      • Devin K Siple Says:

        Thank you so very much for checking.

  26. Frank R. Shearer Says:

    My branch of the Shearer family hits a dead end in Owsley Co., Ky in 1849 when Albert Shearer and Narcissa Blount were married. He resides in the county of Oswley until 1870 and Lee until his death in 1899 in Lee County (never moving). It is said by some of his children he was born in Estill Co. One said Madison. I have not been able to find his father or mother and have found no one in Estill Co who was of the age to be his parents. In 1880 he says his mother and father were born in Ky. In Bourbon Co, Wayne Co., Garrard County, Butler Co. and in Madison there were Shearers who could have been his parents. Some say Jacob Shearer (Sharer) of Bourbon Co., was his father but there is no record of such. I’ve searched the records of Wolfe, Lee, and Owsley but no results. A search is going on in Estill as I write. Albert’s name during his life was spelled at least three different ways in records (Shearer, Sharer, Sherer). Any help would be appreciated. I see that in Estill Co in the 1840s there are 5 different Shearers in their 20s who are married and wonder if there is a connection.

  27. James Shearer Says:

    I know almost nothing about my family history. I am James E Shearer II, Born in Portland OR.
    Son of James E Shearer of Rockaway OR.
    Son of Marion A Shearer of Rockaway OR.
    Have been told the family came from Mass and Maine.

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